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Welcome to Meech International

Meech logo

We are pleased to welcome Meech International as members of the BTMA. Meech is a leading manufacturer of Static Control Equipment, Web Cleaning Systems, JetStream Air Knife Systems, Air Technology Equipment and IonRinse ionising air rinsing systems. Established in 1907, Meech International with headquarters in Oxfordshire has subsidiaries in USA, Belgium and China, and offices in Hungary and India. Meech…
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ITM 2016, Istanbul – UK exhibitors remain optimistic

ITM 2016

ITM 2016 closed it’s doors in Istanbul on the 4th June 2016 after what the organisers claim to be a success having had an increase of 26% in the number of visitors over the number that attended the show in 2013. 49730 visitors attended the show, 82.2% being from the domestic market. This was certainly not the opinion of the…
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New company awarded contract to organise ITMA 2019


PRESS RELEASE 17 May 2016, Brussels – CEMATEX, the European Committee of Textile Machinery Manufacturers, has announced that it has awarded a contract to a new company, ITMA Services, to organise its ITMA 2019 show. ITMA Services NV is headquartered in Brussels and has a subsidiary office, ITMA Services Pte Ltd, in Singapore. Ms Sylvia Phua has been appointed as…
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