Member benefits


As the main centres of world textile manufacture are now emphatically outside Europe, BTMA’s main focus is on helping its member companies improve their export performance. In particular, BTMA:

  • Represents and supports member companies at major international exhibitions and events.
  • Provides latest information on market opportunities, grants etc, and helps members benefit from them.
  • Distributes the BTMA Directory of member companies worldwide.

BTMA also represents and actively promotes the interests of member companies at government level. The evidence of BTMA’s success is in the statistics – the export sales of its member companies has grown year on year, defying some trends of decline among other UK machinery exporters and in general, recessionary times have been ridden out.

“Most UK textile machinery companies have been battle-hardened by previous downturns, so they’ve learned valuable lessons that will help them and their customers ride future ones out,” says Alan Little. “The key is to focus on identifying and meeting customer needs, even when those needs may be changing rapidly. BTMA member companies are good at productive partnerships, and BTMA itself is working hard to get that message across. “We enter the second decade of the 21st Century in a very strong position.”