Advanced Dyeing Solutions


Includes Roaches International range of laboratory dyeing and textile testing equipment for:

  • Sample dyeing
  • Semi continuous / continuous dyeing
  • Sample pilot units
  • Quality control and digital grading
  • Testing performance to BS, ISO, AATCC, ASTM, DIN and JIS standards, with equipment exported to more than 100 countries
  • Advanced Dyeing Solutions also provides technical support and spare parts for Longclose, Thies, Pegg, Obermaier, Then, Schlavos, ATYC, and Bellini dyeing machines.
  • Infrared heated sample dyeing machines for HTHP applications; for processing yarn, fabrics and loose fibres in beaker sizes from 100-8000ml.
  • Roaches Package dyeing systems for processing yarn package, fabric beam, and loose fibre. With fully automated control, option for pH measurement, dosing pump and spectrophotometer link.
  • Roaches bench mounted and floor standing padders for semi-continuous / continuous dyeing. Sky Pad for indigo and sulphur dyes where an oxidation time is required.
  • Roaches coating units for the laboratory scale application of pastes, to complement the TFO range of manually operated ovens and steamers.
  • Ovens and steamers for temperatures up to 240℃ and / or steaming processes at 102-106℃, in 350mm or 500mm widths for pin frame only and continuous roll-to-roll operation.
  • Bench mounted Mini Thermo thermofixation oven up to 240℃. AO Steamer processes fabric samples under saturated steam conditions at temperatures up to 104℃.

Other units include a calendar designed to simulate production machines, a Flash Ager pad steam unit designed for the fixation of dyes onto printed fabrics and a two-bay stenter to simulate production stentering conditions.

Sample pilot units

  • Roaches Atmospheric Jig dyeing machine for up to 35 metres of fabric in 350mm or 500mm widths, with automatic time and temperature and fabric reversal controls.
  • Atmospheric sample winches with capacities of between 50 and 100 litres with the options of steam or electric heating, full automation and dosing pump.
  • M10 Jet high temperature jet dyeing machine, processing up to 20 metres of fabric with full automatic control.
  • Rotohose atmospheric drum dyeing machine, capacity from 50 to 800 litres, for garment / hosiery dyeing and enzyme washing.

Roaches International Quality Control equipment

The range includes:

  • Martindale, abrasion and pilling tester.
  • Crocktec, colour fastness testing through rubbing (crocking).
  • Perspirometer, perspiration and water tester
  • DPA, for testing dusting of dye stuffs or other powders.
  • Opti-Therm, for stability to heat and dye sublimation testing.
  • Zip Tester, zip and fastener testing.
  • Durawash, for print and fabric durability testing.
  • Opti-Fade, for testing light fastness, fabric stability.
  • ICI and M&S Pilling Testers.
  • Wascator FOM71 CLS washing machine for testing stability to washing.
  • Circular Sample Cutters, 38mm, 90mm, 113mm (GSM) and 140mm diameters available.
  • Tensile Machine for Measuring Tear Strength, Seam Slippage, burst strength of fabrics and yarns


  • Made in Britain: Our products undergo quality control, this along with the use of high grade components make them the most durable on the market.
  • Global Presence: Roaches have 20+ international representatives around the globe to help support you every step of the way.
  • Customer Service: Our experienced sales team and technical engineers with knowledge in the textile industry are here to guide and advise.
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