Alchemie Technology

Textile dyeing and finishing machinery

Alchemie Technology is a leader in disruptive technology, transforming the fashion and textile industry to dramatically reduce wastewater, energy, and carbon emissions during the dyeing and finishing processes, while reducing operating costs.

The fashion and textile industry is one of the biggest polluters on the planet, generating 3% of global CO2 emissions, and the second largest cause of global water pollution. Alchemie’s mission is to ignite change to eliminate the environmental impact of these polluting processes.

About Alchemie’s solutions:

Alchemie Endeavour™, a breakthrough waterless, low-energy, digital dyeing technology, supports dye houses to reduce costs - dramatically cutting energy and CO2 emissions by up to 85%, water use by up to 95%, and eliminating wastewater pollution in the dyeing process.

Alchemie Novara™ is a non-contact, low energy, low chemistry, digital finishing solution which enables textile finishing houses to dramatically reduce their carbon and chemical footprint and reduce costs, using 85% less energy and up to 50% less chemistry compared to traditional methods.

Novara™ delivers precisely defined digitally controlled finishes only where needed. It also enables product innovations including single-side finishing, 2D finish to shape and the application of multiple finishes to one fabric that are not possible using the traditional method of immersing the entire fabric in a chemical bath.

Eliminate pollution from textile dyeing and finishing – that’s our mission.

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Alchemie Technology

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