On any kind of textile machine with a moving yarn or fibre, the yarn guide is the only point of contact between yarn and machine, and so is probably the most critical design consideration.

Ascotex has decades of experience in the application of yarn guides in the textile and wire industries and can help you find the right solution for your guiding issues. Working closely with leading OEMS and many of the world’s leading textile and wire producers, we have developed a range of guides to suit all applications.

Complementing our yarn guides, we also manufacture a range of textile accessories such as tensioning devices, break detectors, cutters and threaders.


  • Standard Ranges of components usually available from UK stock
  • Wide range of materials and surface finishes available to match specific types of yarn or fibre, speeds and processes
  • High quality at competitive pricing
  • Global network of partners and agents

Core Offering

  • Ceramic eyelets – flanged, double-flanged, grooved, split, tubular
  • Ceramic guides – all designs, slotted, with trap, with hooks, pigtails, etc.
  • Ceramic grades – high-purity alumina, anti-static titania, toughened zirconia, etc.
  • Metallic guides – steel with hard chrome coating, pigtails, looped shapes, etc.
  • Surface finishes – low friction, matt, satin, normal, bright, diamond polished
  • Yarn tensioners – disc, gate, wrap, compensating, spring-leaf, hysteresis, etc.
  • Yarn break sensors – microswitch types with sensing arm, stop motions
  • Threaders, bobbin holders, yarn cutters
Dent contactless yarn sensors


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