AVA’s computer-aided design and manufacturing software is primarily used in the printed decorative textile, fashion, flooring, wallpaper, table-top and education industries.

For the textile industry, the company’s focus is on applications for enhanced textile printing – both digital and screen-based – with software tailored to the exacting needs of both printers and screen engravers.


  • Helps businesses respond quickly to the latest trends, ensure fast turnaround times and reduced costs.
  • Efficient and profitable sampling, in addition to on demand, short-run production and an efficient global communication network between manufacturing and selling sites; boosted with AVA’s powerful and modular CAD/CAM solutions.
  • Developed to meet demanding workflows in today’s textile printing environment, allowing users to move seamlessly within a single program – from concept to design and from high quality separations to the creation of colourways and mapping collections onto realistic photographic scenes for marketing.
  • Specialist industry needs – such as high levels of colour management for complex tonal designs between CAD station, digital proofers and production – are comprehensively addressed.
  • Ease of use, for major productivity gains, and the highest quality results.
  • For independent designers, AVA’s system places no limits on creativity, while increasing productivity.

Core Offering

  • Working in real time repeat allows designs to be stepped up and the large-scale final effect of the product to be visualised and/or mapped onto a model in 3D. Separations of flat and tonal designs can be made quickly without any loss of colour or tonal detail.
  • This allows experimentation with changes of colour in the design without the expense of a professional, engraver-ready separation.
  • One of AVA’s major strengths is the accuracy of colour matching between the computer monitor and a wide variety of digital printers. This ensures there is no disparity – however subtle – between what is created on the screen and the final result from the printer.
  • The software is continuously being developed; AVA regularly provides new versions, which include new features inspired by experienced users and industry specialists. Each new release is packed with new features and includes the very latest hardware compatibility and performance enhancements. Productivity and creativity are the main benefits of the AVA software, which comprises purpose-designed modules backed by full customer training and complimentary support in the first year. AVA offers the possibility of leasing the software, adding flexibility and tax benefits for a lower up-front investment.
  • The company is active in the major textile producing markets worldwide, with installations in over 40 countries.
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