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Established in 1828, Vickers Oils has specialised in the manufacture of high-quality knitting machine needle lubricants and fibre oils for almost 200 years. 30% of our workforce are employed in the technical team, focusing on Quality Control, R&D, OEM liaison and Technical Service. From our base in the UK, we deliver UK manufactured products globally, through an extensive agent and distributor network.


Our Specialty Product groups include:

Knitting – Vickers scourable needle oils:

  • SPOTLESS CN and SPOTLESS NX needle oils for circular knitting machines
  • VICKERLUBE SOCK for sock production
  • CIRNEDOL for hosiery production
  • VICKERLUBE SOCK 46 approved for Lonati single-cylinder sock machines
  • JENILUBE for general purpose machine lubrication

Synthetic fibres –

  • TEXTUROL range coning oils for textured yarn production
  • The ACETOL range for continuous filament acetate production

Woollen spinning –

  • The YARNOL range for cashmere, fine count wool and lambswool production.


  • Manufacturing textile oils in the UK since 1850
  • Compliant with ISO 9001 Quality Standards and ISO 14001 Environmental Management Standards
  • One-on-one dedicated technical support provided by our team of highly qualified experts
  • Delivered globally
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Benjn R. Vickers & Sons

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