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Brooksbank Industries is now the world leader in the manufacture of ‘synthetic’ woolcombing aprons, for use in primary processing of wool, exotic and synthetic fibres. The products are highly specialised and Brooksbank is one of only a handful of manufacturers worldwide who can produce them.


  • Brooksbank Combi has a softer and more accommodating structure than a polyurethane apron, resulting in improved efficiency in the drawing off sliver.
  • Better fibre cohesion is achieved on the surface of the apron. This ensures fibres remain more parallel leading to an even straightness of fibres within the top.
  • Combi aprons are easier to compress meaning less fibres end up in the noil, increasing the yield and reducing waste.
  • Combi aprons can absorb excess oils and dirt which could contaminate the wool.


The types of fibre processed is extensive, these are the more common:

  • Merino, Corriedale, and other wool of all microns.
  • Wool / synthetic blends
  • 100% synthetics
  • Mohair
  • Alpaca
  • Bespoke fibres and blends

As well as offering a standard range, Brooksbank Industries manufacture custom combing aprons to individual customer’s specifications where high performance and versatility need to be guaranteed. These high-performance products are made from high-tech materials.

Brooksbank also supplies premium brand disposable noil and strip brushes, monobloc noil and circular brushes.

Brooksbank’s export market has been a main driver for the business’s growth and success for over 100 years. The company uses an extensive network of agents and distributors to export approximately 98% of its turnover into over 50 countries. Flexibility, keen pricing and efficient raw materials sourcing have helped the company meet the needs of different international markets.

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