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Cygnet Texkimp designs and manufactures technologies to process technical fibres for global manufacturers including aerospace, automotive, wind energy, sporting goods and industrial textiles.

Over the past 50 years, the company has expanded its knowledge from manufacturing creels for the traditional textile industry, to become experts in the handling and processing of advanced fibres. During this time, we have built a strong reputation for quality, service and technical expertise, and a network of longstanding customers and valued suppliers.

Combining engineering excellence with fresh, innovative thinking and a rigorous programme of R&D, Cygnet Texkimp is committed to continual improvement. We work in partnership with world-leading scientists and academics to develop state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment for the production of composite parts for the present and future.


Cygnet Texkimp handling and processing machinery covers a wide range of downstream technologies including:

  • Creels for tyre cord, poly tape, composites, flatline, driven unwind creels, over end creels and precursor / VHD creels.
  • Coating, filming, and laminating, including, forward and reverse roll, blade / knife over roll and comma roll, powder scatter and slot die.
  • Slitting, including Prepreg Tape Slitting (AFP/ATL) and high speed slitting and winding.
  • Prepreg machines, including thermoset and thermoplastic prepreg
  • Filament winding, including multi axis winding 3D winding and robotic filament winding.
  • Automation and handling, including Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV), creel loading systems, winder tending systems, packaging and palletising systems, lift assist and lifter loaders.
  • Recycling and chopping solutions

Serving Industry Sectors

  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Composites
  • Construction and geotextiles
  • Defence
  • Energy
  • Industrial textiles
  • Medical
  • Transport


Cygnet Texkimp’s after-sales team is committed to delivering the highest levels of support both inside and outside of warranty, whether it is for service, maintenance, spare parts or equipment upgrades.

The high level of reliability and build quality of Cygnet Texkimp products means that there are many of our early pieces of equipment still operating within demanding environments. We can support both new and early equipment with spares and service support.

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Cygnet Texkimp

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