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Dent contactless yarn sensors are standard equipment for many textile machinery manufacturers worldwide and cover a wide range of textile processes – in fact wherever there is moving yarn, whether staple or spun and whatever the colour, and from 5 dtex through to heavy duty carpet yarns.

The highly accurate sensors are effective at speeds as low as 3m/min and right up to 8,000m/min, and their detection response can be adapted to each individual unit according to customer requirements.


  • Extremely durable ‘fit and forget’ sensors for all operating environments
  • Protected from spin finish, oil, wax, water and any other potential contaminants
  • Unique optical compensation system reduces the need for cleaning
  • Dent sensors can be used for filament yarns for the high-speed winding of POY and FDY, at speeds of 8000m/minute from 5 dtex upwards, as well as elastomeric yarns
  • For DTY yarns, Dent sensors are capable of operating over the full range of speeds and yarn counts, with wrap detection on take up rollers providing early warning of wraps
  • For staple fibre, low cost and reliable sensors for ring, Open End and friction spinning, and carpet yarn
  • Dent sensors are also improving machine efficiency and reliability on winding machines too


Dent supplies a wide range for assembly winding, and specially designed multi position sensors for many creel applications. Sensors are also supplied for twisting machines, including glass fibre twisting.


Dent’s independence and business sustainability helps assure impartial design advice, with a high priority placed on development by personnel who are not only highly skilled in electronics, but also experienced in textile processes.

Dent’s modern, purpose-built production facility coupled with the commitment to quality, is recognised by ISO9001 accreditation and every element of production is maintained to stringent standards.

The key reasons for the success of Dent sensors can be summarised as:

  • Proven designs
  • Co-operation with customers
  • First class production
  • Encapsulation in epoxy resin
  • Detailed inspection and testing
  • High quality and value
Dent contactless yarn sensors

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