Fibre Extrusion Technology Limited


Fibre Extrusion Technology Limited designs, develops and manufactures bespoke extrusion equipment in laboratory, pilot or production scale for a wide range of high value textile material applications worldwide. FET was established in 1998 with the objective of achieving technical excellence in its field and helping customers to efficiently produce high value textile materials.


  • The well-established FET-100 Series Melt Spinning system offers considerable flexibility with interchangeable production formats, such as Multifilament, Nonwoven and Monofilament.
  • Where melt spinning solutions cannot succeed, FET provides a viable alternative with pilot and small scale production FET-200 Wet Spinning Systems.
  • The new FET-300 Spunbond system is a technical variation on the melt spinning process, which can enable fibre properties such as absorbency, washability and liquid repellence.
  • Spunbond can also be twinned with meltspun technology to enable Composite nonwoven systems, where specific properties can be combined.


  • The new FET Fibre Development Centre is a state-of-the-art visitor facility for product development and client testing.
  • FET has successfully processed over 40 different polymer types in multifilament, monofilament and nonwoven formats.
  • Collaborating with specialist companies worldwide, FET helps to promote greater sustainability through innovative manufacturing processes
  • FET systems are ideally suited for both process and end-product development of sustainable materials.
  • With installations in over 35 countries, ranging from £200,000 to £2 million, FET is geared to working within the global marketplace and with diverse cultures.
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