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On-line control systems for nonwovens and fibre-related industries, Garnett Controls specialises in retrofitting new controls and quality systems to existing machinery, to improve quality, efficiency and productivity.


Garnett’s Rollaweigh volumetric fibre feed control system has become an industry standard for the accurate feeding of fibre to cards and blending lines.

The system has a dual control system to automatically correct both long and short-term variation and is in operation in many leading nonwovens producers around the world. The system ensures that process lines run at optimum throughput while maintaining critical quality thresholds. Operator interface is via full colour touch screen.

The Microweigh XL8 microprocessor-controlled weigh pan system has proved extremely successful internationally, providing high accuracy and unrivalled reliability.

The Microweigh XLM offers the additional feature of online moisture control.

Garnett produces control systems for all stages of fibre processing, including:

  • Proclaimer fibre reclamation systems for the recovery of selvedge fibre in nonwoven and filling industries.
  • Cutting systems for mattress production and associated on-line processing.
  • Microblend, for the feeding of fibre during blending.
  • Microflow, for the automatic and accurate spraying of lubricant and precise control of card feeding.
  • Inspection systems, monitoring and control of card output in web, sliver, roving or batt forming.
  • MetAlert on-line metal detection systems.
  • Filling systems for pillows, quilts, cushions, and rolling equipment.
  • Energy saving control panels that can be retrofitted to upgrade existing equipment, reducing energy consumption and providing in-depth diagnostics and production data.
  • Mill Wizard production monitoring systems as low-cost, highly integrated network solutions, with real-time production management information.
  • Machine upgrades including intermediate feeds, crossfeeds, centredraws for woollen cards
  • Replacement drive systems, new electronic cop-lifting for spinning frames, on-line waste reduction, reclamation and recycling.
  • Hopper feeders with the latest drive and control technology.

Machinery safety adaptations to meet latest standards.

Dent contactless yarn sensors

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