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Garnett Wire is the only metallic card clothing manufacturer in the world exclusively specialising in the design, manufacture and specification of metallic clothing for long staple applications used in the nonwovens, woollen, topmaking and recycling industries.

The Garnett Company was founded over 170 years ago after Peter Garnett acquired a patent for the application metallic card clothing in the form of a toothed wire. Since then, ‘garnetting’ has become the generic terms used globally to describe machines, card clothing and even a manufacturing process.

Short and long staple carding

Short and long staple carding are very different, but the difference in the approach to finding the correct card clothing solution is even more marked.

in long staple carding, there is no commonality to be found, other than in the very principles of the carding process.

Long staple carding machines vary greatly in configuration depending on the manufacturer. The carding machine, in addition to the lickerin, can typically comprise either a single or two main cylinders, configured with various numbers of workers and strippers, and can also be single or double doffer. The width of a roller card can also vary greatly – from low volume speciality cards in widths of 50 cm, to high production units of four metres. A woollen card may have as many as four cylinders and doffer elements.

In addition to the great variety of machine types and sizes, the productive life of a roller card is much longer than that of a cotton card. It can also undergo a number of reincarnations and upgrades. It can be modified or adapted for changing market demands or for new developments or for product diversification into different sectors.

On top of the vast array of machine configurations, there is even greater variety in the range of fibres that can be processed on a roller card.


It is in this critical point of contact between the machine, fibre and end-product – that the card wire specification and Garnett Wire’s know-how come into play.

It is Garnett Wire’s wealth of experience, flexibility and adaptability that provides a major advantage to its customers worldwide.


As machines continue to run faster in search of greater productivity, wires are adapted in advance of requirements. All Garnett Wire products are manufactured with a soft rib for easy, secure wrapping, and with cut-to-point precision teeth hardened for increased wear and durability.


Cardrite™ has evolved from proven carding principles, tried and tested over many years. Using variable pitch on a single wire, it incorporates a flat top. The existing tooth geometry has been developed from metallic card clothing used in the processing of synthetic fibres.

The result - a metalic wire that performs in a similar way to flexible card clothing, but retains all the benefits of metallic.


  • Ex-stock despatch on standard specifications
  • Roller repair and wire mounting facilities in purpose equipped workshop
  • Dynamic roller balancing
  • Complete card specifications tailored to meet web quality
  • Specialist experience of non-woven, woollen and worsted
  • Card conversions by our own fitters
  • Mounting equipment for interlocking wires
  • Aluminium base wire
  • Plastic interlocking base wire
  • 24hr emergency service
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Garnett Wire

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