Mitchell Grieve


Mitchell Grieve offers products from a range of over 8000 parts, with many available from stock.

  • Needles and elements for double cylinder hosiery machines
  • Needles and elements for single cylinder hosiery machines
  • Elements for most modern high speed ladies hosiery machines
  • Sinkers, selectors and other elements and needles for a wide range of double and single jersey machines
  • Bearded needles, points and sinkers for fully fashioned and loopwheel machines.

Mitchell Grieve manufactures a vast range of double and single hook latch needles, sliders, sinkers and other knirring elements, which are typically used in sock and hosiery machinery such as Lonati, Matec, Bentley and Sangiacomo.

The company also makes an extensive range of spring beard needles, sinkers, dividers, and transfer points used in full-fashion knitting machinery such as Monk, Bentley Cotton and Scheller.

Furthermore, Mitchell Grieve manufactures needles and elements for single and double jersey circular knitting machines.

Other products include:

  • Needles and sinkers for large diameter circular knitting machines.
  • Needles for flat bed knitting machines.
  • Needles and elements for fully fashioned Cotton frame knitting machines.


Customer service is of paramount importance to Mitchell Grieve. Along with our own offices in the UK and the USA, our network of agents enabling the company to meet the challenges demanded by an increasingly competitive and evolving industry.

The company utilises leading technology including fine blank pressing and EDM tool manufacturing processes, custom-built special purpose machinery and in-house heat treatment. This helps to ensure Mitchell Grieve is capable of meeting the demands of the latest high-speed knitting machines in a cost effective way, with rapid turnaround.


Quality control, conformity and consistency is critical to ensuring optimum product performance. Mitchell Grieve is recognised as a world leader in the manufacture and supply of knitting needles and elements and an approved supplier to the leading knitting machine manufacturers.

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Mitchell Grieve

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