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Q-Lab provides testing equipment and services that are focused on the prediction of resistance for materials to indoor or outdoor weathering and light damage. Q-Lab is committed to providing the latest testing technologies through its locations in the US, Europe and China, as well as its global network of representatives.

The company’s specialisation in lightfastness and weathering provides the textile industry with affordable, practical equipment designed to meet the needs of even the smallest labs.

Xenon test chambers for lightfastness

In the past, Xenon lightfastness testing was complex and expensive. Today, our Q-Sun Xenon test chambers make lightfastness testing to ISO 105 BO2, BO4, AATCC TM 16 and AATCC TM 169 easy and affordable.

Using full-spectrum xenon arc lamps –UV, visible light and infrared– the Q-Sun can realistically reproduce outdoor sunlight, sunlight through window glass, or bright indoor lighting such as that found in retail or commercial environments. It can be used to test for lightfastness, colour change and strength loss.


The QUV is the world’s most widely used accelerated weathering tester. It tests materials by exposing them to alternating cycles of UV light and moisture at controlled, elevated temperatures.

Economical UVA-340 lamps provide the most realistic laboratory simulation of short-wave UV radiation (295 nm to 365 nm), the most damaging range of sunlight in terms of physical property changes. QUV weatherability testing of fabrics used outdoors is described in AATCC TM 186.

Since the first QUV was introduced 40 years ago, it has been updated regularly with technological advances, including the patented Solar Eye irradiance control and the AutoCal automatic irradiance calibration system. The QUV controller is designed to store pre-programmed, commonly used test cycles. Built in computerised data logging ensures a quick and easy connection between the QUV and a PC or LAN.


The accuracy of the Q-Sun and QUV test results for ISO compliance is assured by annual recalibration of the testers’ radiometers. The calibration lab of Q-Lab Europe Ltd, now is accredited by UKAS for the ISO 17025 calibration of radiometers.

This accreditation will help to ensure the accuracy, repeatability and reproducibility of QUV and Q-Sun results.

Simplicity – the ultimate sophistication

What distinguishes Q-Lab’s Q-Sun and QUV models from other lightfastness and weatherability testers is the simplicity of design that makes them less costly to purchase, to operate, and to maintain. The company encourages wider adoption of testing for textile industries worldwide by providing more practical, economical equipment.

All Q-Lab equipment is manufactured at its US headquarters facility in Cleveland, Ohio.

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