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Monitoring millions of threadlines

As a specialist in the dynamic measurement of textile yarns, Fibrevision’s products include on-line monitoring units, sensors and instruments for both at-line and laboratory testing.

Saurer Fibrevision’s key competence is in bringing its unrivalled process application knowledge together with sensor technology, signal processing expertise and software to provide both OEMs and end users with effective products for all synthetic fibre measurement, monitoring and dynamic testing applications. Over the last 15 years, the company has grown both organically and by acquisition.

On-line monitoring

Saurer Fibrevision’s on-line monitoring products all share the same system architecture with distributed electronics and an advanced graphical user interface with multilingual capabilities. Additional features include plant integration with a multi-machine controller and data export.

FibreTQS is the company’s original multi parameter on-line monitoring system for application across all types of synthetic yarns processes including:

  • POY and FDY, measurement of all key parameters including spin finish mean and variation, interlace level and variation and broken filaments or slubs
  • Air Texturing (ATY), measurement of bulk level, bulk variation and denier change
  • BCF, measurement of bulk level and interlace
  • Spandex, measurement of denier variation and broken filaments


The industry standard product for DTY tension monitoring, Unitens is now available on all types of DTY machines, either direct from Saurer Fibrevision or from key OEMs.


Broken filament monitoring system with the advanced features of Saurer Fibrevison’s software, in addition to optional features to digitally capture and quantify all filament events and monitor interlace level.


Saurer Fibrevision’s sensor products are designed for high volume OEM applications. Tensotex is a range of tension sensors for applications from fine denier and ultra-low tensions up to technical yarns with tension levels up to 4,000cN. The Captex + Optotex range of yarn break sensors is based on both capacitance and optical technology to suit the full range of processes. In addition to these products, the company develops and manufactures sensors for specific applications.


MicroSCAN is a compact, highly portable battery powered unit that offers extremely accurate at-line measurement of spin finish and interlace.

LabTEX is a laboratory range of dynamic testing instruments for QC and product characterisation with applications including interlace level, interlace retention, package unwinding, broken filaments and ATY Quality.

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