SDC Enterprises

Supplier of consumables for textile testing at international BS, EN and ISO Standards

SDC Enterprises offers a comprehensive range of textile testing products for enhanced accuracy in testing to BS, EN and ISO standards. Internationally recognised as the industry leader, SDCE is specified by name by retailers and manufacturers worldwide as the only trusted brand for consumables for colour fastness, light fastness and physical textile testing procedures. Testing professionals can rest assured that SDCE consumables deliver consistency and accuracy in line with international standards, ensuring the quality control of textiles prior to manufacture.


  • All products are guaranteed by a certificate of conformity, specifying that the item has been independently tested to conform to the specifications of the relevant BS, EN or ISO Standard.
  • In-house production guarantees full batch traceability and consistency, with all batches being tested against an internal master standard.
  • Products are manufactured to strict ISO 9001 quality system criteria.
  • As the trading subsidiary of the Society of Dyers & Colourists - an educational charity dedicated to advancing the science of colour worldwide – SDCE is supported by 135 years of relevant experience.

Core Offering

  • Multifibre adjacent fabric in three variations, offering a range of substrates for the efficient testing of colour fastness and staining across various components.
  • Light fastness consumables including blue wools in eight shades as specified in the ISO 105 B test series to test fabric’s propensity to fade.
  • Assessment aids such as grey scales and metameric samples for the consistent and reliable assessment of colour change in textile testing.
  • Detergents and additions as specified in the methodology for laundering and wash testing for the full range of BS, EN and ISO Standards for textiles.
  • Full range of Martindale consumables including felt pads and wool abradant for abrasion testing.
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SDC Enterprises

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