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  • Product knowledge
  • Design flexibility
  • Sound engineering expertise
  • Strong technical service support on an international scale

These are the qualities that distinguish the carpet and tile finishing machinery range from Sellers.

All equipment is designed, manufactured, assembled and tested at the company’s manufacturing plant in the UK. As one of the few remaining European engineering companies to make all of its components in-house, Sellers can draw on approaching a century of accumulated knowledge and expertise.

Aligned to this is a lead in process control systems which ensure the accurate control, reliability and repeatability of the processing parameters on all Sellers machinery. But just as important, flexibility in design enables finishing results to be targeted to specific customer and product requirements.


Sellers range includes machines for secondary backing of tufted carpet, both conventional and powder lamination, Wilton and Axminster products, artificial grass and foam lines, coating lines for bitumen, PVC and PU, and shearing for all carpet products.

  • Improved guiding and product tension control
  • Dryer efficiency, reducing heat loss and optimising energy use
  • Redesigned fan pressure boxes and impingement nozzles for airflow efficiency, modulating gas burners and the introduction of easy clean, accessible filters
  • Enhanced dual zone system, giving a temperature differential of up to 80°C between top and bottom zones.
  • Dryers can be heated by either gas, oil, or steam and operation and access have been simplified with controls via touchscreen and PLC.


The Sellers Shear enables customers to stay competitive, achieving an improved finish quality to products, economically and efficiently.

  • Tension control drive system
  • Touchscreen for easy operator control and fault diagnosis
  • Enhanced cleaning
  • Improved bladestock, for longer blade life
  • Pivoting beds


Coating, drying and shearing equipment is available in a wide range of formats across the full range of carpet products, including:

  • Woven carpet – both high-capacity and compact plants
  • Tufted secondary-backed carpet, both conventional and powder lamination
  • Artificial grass, latex and PU systems, plus perforator units
  • Bath-mat products, foam and gel-foam, direct spread applicators and embossing systems
  • Carpet tile products, with lines to suit bitumen, PVC or PU

An extensive range of ancillary equipment is available to provide maximum flexibility to cover product requirements. These are available for both new processing lines and as upgrades to existing lines and include:

  • Cleaning units with full extraction
  • Pivoting guiders
  • Vertical and chest steamers
  • Accumulators with built-in tension control
  • Automated latex mixing systems
  • Full PLC line controls


Sellers patent pending Fibrebak pile removal system is now being embraced by both in the carpet manufacturing sector and in the waste recycling industry. It is suitable for both carpet and tile waste from factories as well as post-consumer waste, and the system separates the re-claimed fibre and backing, offering the economic benefit of minimising landfill costs and limiting the impact of waste on the environment.


Sellers builds on its engineering expertise to design and manufacture specialised machinery, such as customised geotextile processing machinery, for both the UK and overseas.

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