Slack & Parr

High Precision Gear Metering Pumps

Slack & Parr has been renowned for products of the highest quality from the company’s formation over 100 years ago and continuing to the present day.

The company has been responsible for several major innovations in man-made fibre spinning. This includes the development and successful introduction of planetary polymer gear pumps and spin finish metering pumps, and we are continually introducing improvements into our standard products to increase their quality, efficiency and cost effectiveness.

Slack & Parr has the capability to design and manufacture gear metering pumps to fit any customer specific application, from spinning standard polyester and acrylic to sensitive polymers such as Nylon 66 or aggressive polymers such as Aramid.

Industrial dosing and metering pumps are also available for applications that range from adhesives, resins and oils to food and drink and low viscosity fluids including water.

Core Offering

  • Hot melt polymer pumps
  • Spin finish pumps
  • Spandex pumps
  • Acetate and viscose pumps
  • Acrylic pumps
  • Chemical pumps
  • Aramid pumps
  • Industrial pumps
  • Drive units for any of the above
  • Spare parts for our products as well as other reputable manufactures
  • Full refurbishment facility
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Slack & Parr

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