VeriVide designs and manufactures a range of specialist lighting and colour and visual assessment equipment for viewing textile and apparel products to international standards. This enables reliable colour management by providing consistent and standardised viewing conditions, regardless of where in the world -or where in the supply chain- the product is being viewed.

  • Viewing colour in consistent and accurate lighting
  • Digitally measuring colour and appearance using the DigiEye System
  • All VeriVide products meet the relevant international lighting and colour standards, the most important being the CIE (International Commission on Illumination)


Since the company formed almost 60 years ago, VeriVide has been committed to expertise in colour and visual assessment and this specialisation remains at the core, ensuring the correct environment for the accurate visual assessment of colour.

VeriVide’s Colour Assessment Cabinets provides standardised and consistent viewing environments which enable designers, manufacturers, and retailers to evaluate accurately the colour submissions under LED and other fluorescent lighting options (such as D65, D50, 840 P15, F Tungsten, UV) to examine exactly how the products are going to look, under store lighting.

VeriVide’s light booths and lighting cabinets are now relied upon throughout the world to assess colour and to establish and maintain visual quality standards. They are specified by major global retailers.


Responding to market requirements, VeriVide designed and developed the DigiEye System, the future for non-contact colour measurement and digital imaging.

Spectrophotometers have made significant improvements to the colour approval process within the retail supply-chain. However, their application has been limited to products with a solid colour appearance. In addition, they measure only ‘average’ colour, assessing the limited area of the product exposed in the instrument’s aperture.

The limitations are further compounded if the product has any form of multi-coloured characteristics or appearance, uneven or inconsistent surface, a colour area too small to be captured by the instrument or any sort of surface effect, such as carpet pile and the sheen of satin and silk.

The DigiEye System addresses these challenges to provide a ‘best practice’ combination of lighting and visual assessment principles, together with non-contact digital measurement. The result is quantifiable and objective quality control.

Unlike a Spectrophotometer, the DigiEye System allows the entire product to be assessed, ensuring that all colours can be analysed and measured in context with all other visual and surface effect elements of a product.

DigiEye can also accommodate those items which are integral components of the apparel industry, such as lace, lingerie, patterns, prints and home furnishings, that are non-solid in colour and are heavily textured.

DigiEye measures and evaluates the colour in context – as seen by the consumer – and provides quantifiable, correlated, consistent visual assessment against an agreed visual standard.

It also enables the global communication of both product colour data and the related image.

DigiEye is available as a large area imaging system enabling whole garments and print repeats to be imaged, colour measured and communicated globally.

DigiEye is now complemented by sub-systems including DigiView and DigiGrade.


As well as being an authorised distributor for Pantone, RAL and NCS products, VeriVide also manufactures complementary visual assessment equipment for textile testing. These include

the AATCC viewing board, for crease assessment, and the pilling assessment viewer.

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