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Wira Instrumentation is an internationally recognised brand supplying high quality instruments for testing an array of natural and synthetic fibres, fabrics, nonwovens, carpets and floor coverings, plus a range of other associated materials.

Instruments for the testing of technical textiles and Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) have also been developed to international standard test methods.

Wira’s strong foundation of research and development, along with our attention to detail, has been a hallmark of our history in the testing of textiles. We aim to give our customers a positive user experience with fast and consistent results. Trusted by leading brands, our sophisticated and ergonomic range yields precise accuracy. With agents and distribution partners around the world, Wira can provide our instruments wherever you need them.


  • Originally formed as the technology division of the Wool Industry Research Association, Wira pride themselves on manufacturing user-friendly apparatus yielding accurate results.
  • Wira’s instruments conform to many international testing standards, and its products are in daily use around the globe by some of the world’s leading textile and nonwoven processors.
  • An extensive range of in-house instruments for the testing of carpets and floor coverings.
  • Our team will go above and beyond to find the best solution for your testing requirements. After sales service and support, installation and training can also be provided around the world.


  • The Wira Fibre Fineness Meter, available in the latest electronic version with touch screen as well as in the original manual form.
  • The Wira Cotton Fineness and Maturity Meter incorporates two critical measurements in one device.
  • The Wira Fibre Diagram Machine is a standard method of determining fibre length distribution in a sample.
  • The Wira Steaming Cylinder is widely used by leading retailers to test fabric shrinkage.
  • The Wira Hexapod Tumbler Carpet Tester assesses the appearance retention of textile floor coverings.
  • The Wira Tog Tester for thermal properties of outerwear and technical fabrics.
  • The Wira RapidPro Hand-Held Moisture Meter is unique in allowing multiple calibrations thus enabling more accurate readings for a wide range of materials.
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